How to verify WordPress free website with Google seach console ie.Free plan of wordpress is not a self hosted domain.
If you want to Register(Verify) this site with ‘Google search console’ there is possible easy method in Google search console as below.

Go to Google search console website and sign in with a Google account.
After signing in, add your website’s URL and hit the add new site button.
On next screen you find below methods.

Method 1. Upload Html file to website root directory (recommended method)
Method 2. To obtain Html meta tag which you can then add to your WordPress site header.(Alternate Method)
You just copy meta tag and paste it to your WordPress site header.

  • You cannot upload an HTML file to your website’s root directory using FTP (Method-1) because it’s not allowed on free
  • (Method-2)To easily add the meta tag to your website you can install and activate Insert Headers and Footers plugin. Copy the meta tag line provided by google search console.
    Now go to Settings » Insert Headers and Footers and paste the meta tag line into the header field. Save your changes and go to google search console and click on verify.
    But free not support any plugin so it is not possible to Register by plugin.
  • Also you can not open header.php file for mean of put html meta tag there(Method-2) because admin menu has no such option in free

In order to verify
1.Go to Google search console website and sign in to google accounts.
2.Click on ‘add a property’ button and add your URL.
3.Choose “Alternate methods” at google search console site page.
2.Select Html tag option
3.Copy Html tag.
4.Go to the your free WordPress site. Log into your site.
5.Click on WordPress symbol at left top corner.
6.Go to setting which located at end of the menu.
7.Switch to SEO section from GENERAL Section.
8.This section paste your meta tag in to google bar under site verification service.
9.Go to google search console website and hit verify button.

Congratulations! You are done.


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