Nano Fan Air Conditioner Cooler


Nano Fan Air Conditioner Cooler is an effective cooling product. This small portable air conditioner will provide you with cool and refreshing air. It can also be used to keep PC, Notebook and other devices cool. It is an ideal product for parents of infants, as they can make their baby sleep in a cool environment.

This mini cooler is easy to use as you just have to add 50ml water or ice in the box and your cooler is ready to supply you with refreshing air. You can also add scent along with ice and water to make the air more pleasing. It comes with adjustable swing to change the direction of the wind as per your convenience.

Key Features of Nano Fan Air Conditione cooler

  • Humidifier
  • Cooling fan
  • Adjustable swing
  • Wider fan angleBattery & USB powered
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Fragrance provider
  • Two speed levels
How to use
  • Add 50ml cold water or ice into the box. For fragrance, you can add scent bead or few drops of perfume to the box.
  • Press the push button to switch on the fan.
  • Adjust the speed of the fan using the speed control button. (Speed level- 1 & 2).
  • Now, enjoy cool breeze coming out of it.
  • To switch off the Nano Fan Air conditioner, push the button to center at level 0.
How to provide power supply
  •  Attach the USB cable to the Nano Fan Air Conditioner Cooler.
  • Plug the USB cable to PC/laptop or adapter for providing Nano Fan Air Conditioner Cooler enough power supply.
  •  If PC/laptop or adaptor is not available, then you can use 3 x AA batteries for appropriate power supply.
  • Electric Plug:USB 5V and Power Shifter
  • Parameter:5V/500MA
  • Power:2.5W
  • Dimension:150*115*140mm
  • Battery:3×1.5V” AA” Alkaline batteries (Not Included)

To Buy please go to Nano fan air conditioner cooler offer page

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