Experience Yoga & Meditation once at Kathmandu,Nepal

20170322160922Peaceful mind and ultimate pleasure can be achive by yoga and meditation.

This is a ultimate devine feeling at that stage you dedicate your self to supreme  power and you know nature of pure soul from closest.This expressions can’t be express by words.

Lets walk towards feeling this ultimate expressions at Kathmandu.

Yoga practice :

Practice benefits the Body

Yoga practice replenishes, revitalizes, restores, and rejuvenates your whole body.

Practice Brings Balance

With awareness you affect the rhythm of your thoughts, words, and actions, cultivating a deep experience of inner and outer balance.

Practice invites Mindfulness

Yoga is a tool to know your-self. It is an invitation to live in the present moment while unconditionally accepting yourself.

Practice is Freedom

Yoga is the path that asks you to find freedom from within. Be brave. Look within. Trust in your capacity to find peace, and happiness from within.

Yoga and Meditation Institutes and Organizations at Kathmandu Nepal:


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