Make your own Natural perfume at home

Some peoples are irritates with with ready made perfume that sold at shops and mall.This type of chemical used perfume possibly harm your skin.Thats way choosing of right perfume is very important that suit your skin and smell that doesnt you upsate.One option is there to make natural perfume by own.

You may have your personal favourite perfume from a luxury brand, but even their refills can cost you a bomb! Besides, it’s time you treat yourself to a natural fragrance with soothing essential oils and a base oil like jojoba, olive or even coconut oil  any oil, these are less harsher to your skin. All it takes is any preferred citrus fruit with a base oil, and natural flowers of your choice. Blend these ingredients if you are short on time in a grinder or squeeze out the oil using a cheese cloth. Once done, pour into a clean spray bottle and it’s ready for use. There are no added preservatives or chemicals, which means there are lesser chances of skin reactions. However, in case of a skin conditioner or sensitive skin, it’s best to consult a doctor on the ingredients you should use.

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