Smart Contact Lenses

Applications allow you to connect your smartphone to anything from shoes to your jewelry to your doorbell – and soon, you may be able to add a contact lenses smartphone Technology to the list.

Engineers at the University of Washington have developed an innovative form of communication that allows medical, such aid as contact lenses and implants in the brain to send signals to smartphones.The contact lenses smartphone Technology, called “inter scatter communications,” works by converting Bluetooth signals to Wi-Fi signals, written for engineers in a document that will be presented on August 22 in special interest group conference communications computer data the automated Societyin Brazil.

“Instead of generating the Wi-Fi signals on their own, our technology creates a Wi-Fi network using the Bluetooth transmission mobile devices in a place like smartwatches soon,” study co-author Vamsi Tala, a research associate in the Department of Science and Computer Engineering at the University of Washington, said in a lenses smartphone Technology Inters catter communication based on the list of how to contact called regressive, allowing the exchange of information reflecting the turn signalsexisting devices.

“Interscatter” primarily operates in the same way, but the difference is that it allows communication between contact lenses smartphone Technology – in other words, it allows signals Bluetooth and Wi-Fi references to talk to each other.Interscatter communication will allow devices such as contact lenses to send data to other devices, the researchers said. So far, this connection is not possible, because Wi-Fi data transmission through a network requires a lot of energy to a device such as contact lenses.Interscatter to establish contacts, design engineers contact lenses equipped with a small antenna. Bluetooth signal, in this case, came from a smart hour. The antenna of a contact lens capable of coping with this Bluetooth signal, data encryption contact lens and turn it into a Wi-Fi signal that can be read by another device.Although the concept of contact lenses smartphone Technology “smart” contact may seem a bit gimmicky, which can, in fact, provide valuable medical information to patients.

For example, you can control sugar levels in the blood of tears person. Therefore, contact lenses and said that communication can track levels of blood sugar and to send notifications to phone someone when sugar levels in the blood exploded continuously study co- author Vikram Iyer, a doctoral student in electrical engineering, and also at the Universityof Washington, said in a statement. (Control sugar levels in the blood is important for people suffering from diabetes.)The researchers also said inter scattercommunication can be used to transfer data from brain implants thatcould one day help people suffering from paralysis to regain movement.Not all potential applications on medical devices, however. Interscattercommunications may also be the exchange of information between credit cards, the researchers wrote. They added that this allows people to transfer money between cards once they carried out near a smartphone.



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